October 10, 2005. Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune wrote: Football: Cast off your chains!

“Football needs to adopt a laser measuring system for first downs and dump the tedious, time-consuming, faux-accurate
practice of dragging the measurement chains onto the field every time the ball appears close to the first-down line.”

“The action grinds to a halt as the sideline guys trundle onto the field and stretch out the chains.”

“It would speed things along considerably to use high-tech measuring devices that would instantly register first downs

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The Future Of Laser 1st Down Marking
New Sports Technology (NST) is one of the leading pioneers in laser line technology that accurately
measures first downs on a football field. There has been much controversy over the years as to why football
is still using an antiquated system of measuring first downs.

NST Laser, of Albuquerque New Mexico, has spent nearly a decade developing and perfecting the solution
to the age old problem of the inaccurate, time consuming, method of marking a first down. We have
designed and patented the exciting, state-of-the-art NST Laser System: the FUTURE of marking a first
down with the use of a Laser. NST holds the secret of emitting a visible Laser Beam in broad daylight. Our
system delivers an instant, accurate means of measuring a first down and has proven itself in multiple
games in New Mexico. In every game the system passed with flying colors. It was overwhelmingly received
by the referees, coaches and players and the fans loved it!

Dating back to 1969 the idea of measuring first downs with laser was born, there have been many patents
and attempts to make it happen and none have accomplished the feat successfully until now. We have a
clear understanding that football is embedded in tradition and the NST Laser System will not change that.
We have simplified and perfected a very complicated process. We then incorporated a Laser System into a
redesigned ten yard marker pole.

Team NST has the first patented system of measuring first downs on a football field using laser line
technology with advanced scattering effects. New Sports Technology has the first documented live football
game in Sports history to use this advanced technology to measure first downs on the high school football
fields of Albuquerque New Mexico.

The most valuable asset NST has is a team that has the knowledge, expertise, determination, tenacity and
ability to take this new technology to the market.

Patent holder Norman Harty and Dave Magee have spent years finding the key people to help make this
impossible endeavor happen. We have dealt with laser experts for years and kept getting the same
response; that it is impossible to make this happen. We were fortunate to add variance laser experts Marc
and Paula Steger, engineering great Bill Steger and video expert Rai Carillo to our team.

In February of 2007 Joel Bussert (VP Player Personnel/Football Operations) invited NST to demonstrate our
system to the NFL Competition Committee in Indianapolis Indiana. The seventeen committee members
included Jeff Fisher, Rich McKay, Ozzie Newsome, John Mara, Bill Polian, Marvin Lewis, Mark Richardson,
Matt Millen, Joel Bussert and Mike Pereira. NST had a forty-five minute time slot for its presentation and
product demonstration. When we fired the laser, the reaction of the committee was everything we had hoped
for – every member was out of his seat to get a closer look at the system. We definitely had their attention!

During the question and answer phase, two concerns were aired:
1) the laser line could not be seen on both sides of the target.
2) The laser was mounted horizontally, posing a hazard if players ran into the pole. It was a very successful
meeting, as we acquired all the information we needed to take our system back and make the necessary
improvements. With our new enhanced laser and our patented “I-Mark reflective technology”, we now
produce a laser line on both sides of the target – making it visible from both sides of the field. The laser is
now mounted inside the pole, satisfying NFL safety concerns.

With the knowledge and insight we gained at the meeting, we have developed a system that will satisfy the
concerns of the committee, as well as pass all necessary Federal requirements.

In April 2014 Mike Kensil, VP of Football Operations,invited NST to NFL headquarters to discuss and
evaluate our system. Attendees included Joel Bussert, David Gardi (Senior VP of Football Operations), Ken
Fiore (VP Player Personnel) and Jay Reid (Mngr. of Instant ReplayTech.).
The meeting was an overwhelming success and and we expect the system to be implemented after
completion of numerous college games at the request of Mr. Kensil.

We are the first to bring this proven system to the market and change sports history for the better.